Saturday, September 02, 2006

Day 2: Facilitating Creativity

Imagine creativity on a second day, a private company event. One might think it would be awful. One might go in expecting something stifling. Anyone who did would be totally wrong.

Something changes when all of the people in a group chase creativity with the same goal. They're all making the same thing happen .

In they walk, only half ready, but anticipating. Some aren't so sure when they arrive that this is the way, but they're still part of the goal. They still want the right answer.

Add to the mix that the guy who brought them was sure enough in the power of their creativity for all of them. Those two things – a common goal and a leader who had faith – that made the difference, that made a day that I've never seen any like it.

The group became focused, energized, and alive. They felt a reason for coming together. Issues of “group think” disappered, if they ever were. This bunch saw that success depended on their creativity. Their creativity was a tool toward reaching innovative ideas – ideas that could be put into practice, not nebulous wishes.

It could happen. They knew it. They could imagine.

Work became play in a most serious fun way. Personalities became good things. People were smiling. They became more them. I became more me -- not the less I usually make myself in a roomful of intelligent strangers. They weren't strangers long, by the end of an hour an observer wouldn't have known who worked years together and who had just met me.

Imagine the picture – teamwork, creativity, innovation, without politics, without whispering, without hierarchies, judgment or fearing.

New colors filled the room. No one noticed who was dancing or walking around, or who offered an idea that couldn't be explained in a way others could get it. People smiled often and leaned into each other while they were talking. People acted like friends, played like schoolkids, worked like explorers on an important quest.

It didn't matter that they were realizing that more work would need doing.

When the music played as the group left, I was dancing. My feet were filled with energy. My head was light, and my heart was happy.

Being creative with a roomful of people who care only about one thing is uniquely satisfying.

I don't have to imagine.

Creativity without lines is a joyful and amazing experience.

−me strauss Letting me be.


Dawn said...

People acted like friends, played like schoolkids, worked like explorers on an important quest.

This line just sang itself in me. I hear the music and hope one day to learn the song.

ME Strauss said...

Good morning Dawn,
You may have found the only sentence in the whole piece that was like music to me too. This was a hard one to explain without crossing lines of privacy that I didn't want to cross. :)

Marti said...

Thank gawd you've gone beta LOL

I have been running through my blogroll TRYING to say hello, have a good holiday to everyone, and many of the people on Blogger are blocked from my comments! Sorry, didn't meant to rant on your parade LOL

That was lovely darlin'. As are you, in or out of the lines and what color you want to be. I hope you have a delightful Labor Day!

ME Strauss said...

Hello special one, Marti friend,
I wish you the best holiday with your family. Do find some fun, some sunshine, and some rest.

Betty said...

Liz, this sounds incredibly enticing. Where can I sign up?

ME Strauss said...

Send me an email if you're serious. Otherwise I'm getting pretty good I'll teach you by mind meld.:)