Monday, July 31, 2006

The Traveler

Have I spent my whole life looking for a place to live?

I so like to travel. It’s more than the green grass feeling. It’s the something’s there I need to see before I die feeling. Can I possibly live a full life in one place? Can I have life, a full life moving all over the place like I do?

I need more life, more lifes, more lifetimes, more life times, more time, more times.

I want a chance to be Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa, Betty Crocker and Tom Peters. I want to be Donald Trump and Princess Diana. I want go live in a cabin off the land. I want to live by the beach and sleep on the sand. I want to live with every one of my friends. I want to live in another country in a tiny village and ride a bike everywhere I go. I want to be a gardener, a gymnast, a piano player, a mathematician, a poet. I want to direct music videos.

I want to sleep in a king-sized bed with a seatbelt on an airplane.

I want to live in the highest, highrise in the biggest, busiest city. I want to be a recluse and reflect on deep, long thought with lovely music playing while I drink hot chocolate and write. I want to have a personal shopper, a driver, and a minder. I want to follow my own path and walk off into the sunset and never have to worry about good byes.

I want to be simple and complex. I want to be open and mysterious. I want to be a grownup and a child.

I’m just like everyone else I guess.

—me strauss Letting me be


Dawn said...

I’m just like everyone else I guess.

At least in this respect you are (grin). I like to try on new personalities, new skill sets, new adventures, new habitats, simplicities and complexities from time to time as well. Lately I've been starting to notice what it is that invites me outward, or perhaps, it's inward. Still need some time to figure it out.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Dawn and Good morning,
It is some kind of striving isn't it? I know that it appeals to my sense of adventure and newness. I want to stretch out and try my wings.

Betty said...

At least you don't seem to be conflicted regarding these paradoxes. Instead you are open to all and any possibilities, wondering, wandering and loving life. Sounds good to me.

ME Strauss said...

You and I might just be candidates for free spirithood. Wish it was nearly as fun as it sounds. :)