Thursday, July 27, 2006

Risky Thinking

It’s not about failing. I rarely do that. Either way every day is a brand new one.

I like the challenge of proving that I can make it through the roadblocks, over the mountains, under the fences. I usually find ways to learn the answers, worry out the secret chances. Most of my friends would probably say that I am the archetype challenge taker. I love a challenge. I have no fear of failure.

I know when things are right and worthy, even when others stand in fear of them. I understand the ground, the climate, the competition, the systems, the hidden opportunities, and the subtle differences. I see the patterns. I feel the atmosphere. I know how to commit to a mission and never fail to get folks to advise me. Challenges are motivating and inspiring where I live.

But how do I feel about risk? I wonder.

Taking a challenge and taking a risk are not the same. Are they? A challenge is all about moving forward. A risk is about not moving backward.

A risk is not defined by failure. It is underlined by cost. Risk spells out the words, I might lose something that I value. I might give up something that I can’t recover. I might find I am without something that I love. I need. I want. A risk is a defining moment. It means letting go of an attachment.

I suppose I’m bright enough to turn a risk into a challenge. Then again, I wonder.

If I only take on challenges, will I ever learn the lesson of the risk taker pushing the envelope, finding the edge of the universe, defining a personal purpose? Can I risk at 30,000 feet and still fly with a safety net?

If you never risk, you never change.

It’s knowing the risk that fits your calling, feeling the detachment that releases your spirit that shows you know where you are going.

Would a risk of that nature be a risk at all? This risky thinking is a challenge.

It’s not about failing. I rarely do that. Either way, every day is a brand new one. Maybe there is no such thing as risk when you follow your instincts, learn the answers, worry out the secret chances, know the risk that fits your calling, feel the detachment that releases your spirit, and listen carefully to your heart.
−me strauss Letting me be


bradford said...

Your stories help "feel the detachment that releases spirit" because you are such a creative observer by adding the angle of the heart. I haven't thanked you lately for the integrity I feel from your work. Risk is an indicator of freedom, like regret, it proves you can make the hard choices.

ME Strauss said...

Hello Bradford,
How lovely to wake up to your thoughts, Thank you. It warms my heart to think that I have what you see.

Marti said...

I fall all the time - LOL

I understand what you are saying. I continue to face challenges, and sometimes take risks. And sometimes lose. But I guess the loses make the victories sweeter. I pity those who fear everything, and always operate within their tiny comfort zone.

Thank you again for sharing your brain waves - LOL

Marti said...

Crud, I misspelled "losses" LOL

ME Strauss said...

Hi Marti,
Thank you for handing over some of your gracious confidence to me without even know it.

Mama Mouse said...

One of the greatest risks of my life was in having and raising my children. You risk so much when you have them. Will you be a good parent? When you send them off to school you risk their safety ... will someone else take care of them as well as you do? When they leave school and go to college and start their own lives you risk losing them. When you use tough love you risk losing them.

I have been fortunate ... or wise ... I'm not sure which. On all counts my children have never failed me.

However sometimes there are risks we do lose and I have now taken a risk I will probably lose. It will ultimately cost me my life. But it is MY risk ... and I must lead my life taking risks I need to ... or not taking others.

We choose our own paths .... challenges and risks. We must be ready to accept the consequences no matter what happens ... it is a part of life.

YOU are an inspiration and wonder wonderwoman!!

ME Strauss said...

Hi mama,
Raising a child is a risk in so many ways. Yes you are so right about that in every thought you describe and every feeling you mention. Yet it sounds as if your investment was deep and your payoff is true and plentiful. What a lovely reward.

I find risks of the heart easiest. I think, for my heart is strong. It's the risk of other's welfare that worries me.