Monday, July 24, 2006

Riding a Bike

A rest, a stop, a chance to quit pedaling so fast. Why do we keep pedaling? Why don’t we set our bikes aside for a while? We could sit in the grass to watch the sunset. What’s our hurry? Would we lose so much? Would we really give up so much time if we just stopped to catch our breath in the sunshine?

Isn’t life about knowing when we’re pushing too hard? Isn’t what I’m trying to learn about me? How do I find time to rest and know that resting is being alive entirely? I know I knew that once.

I knew that when I was a child.

Stop pedaling, You are wise.

All children fall asleep when they are tired. Why don’t I?

They say you never forget how to ride a bike. I think I’ll start learning again.
−me strauss Letting me be


Mama Mouse said...

I used to love my bike and pedal for miles. I enjoyed the air on my face and watching the people and scenery go by. I'd usually find a spot to sit in the shade and enjoy a sandwich ... usually at the half way point. Then I'd climb back on and make my way home.

Had I known what my life would be like when I reached this age I would have pedaled harder and further. Sometimes life gives you too MUCH time to sit and enjoy the sounds of life and nature ... to feel the sun and breeze and mist from great bodies of water. Too much time to think.

For most people this isn't true. They hurry and scurry from one 'chore' to another ... never stopping to enjoy the site of a daisy springing wildly from the earth ... or to watch a seagull steal a morsel of some leftover food from off of the ground. I hope they slow down one day and MAKE the time to do that.

For me, however, to be able to ride a bike and pedal all day ... to rush and hurry and be on the go ... would be a dream come true. I've felt as if I were on the sidelines of life for over 30 years ... and while there have been benefits ... it hasn't been always a beautiful thing.

But I'm betting Liz that if you get on that bike you'll have no trouble ... ride and enjoy the breeze racing by your face and feel the sun on your back as you pedal along!

ME Strauss said...

Had I known what my life would be like when I reached this age I would have pedaled harder and further.
Oh how I agree with that sentence.

Sometimes life does give you too much time to think -- you think so? Or do we spend or too much time thinking about the wrong things? I wish for too much time to learn how now to think at all -- just to be one with my surroundings, to get simple and be part of my surroundings, to be the breeze and the sun on my back.

I would like to sit beside you and share my thoughts one day. So that we had too much time to think -- together.

Michael said...

I was so much smarter when I was a kid too.

Take Care

ME Strauss said...

Hi Michael,
Yeah. I was really smart when I was kid. I've just been losing wisdom ever since. Maybe that's why I keep trying to capture the memories of my childhood.

Roberta said...

me strauss, you truly know how to take and make the best out of everything - even bikeriding.
And in doing that you always motivate me to examine new wonderful perspectives I have so long forgotten.

In my bikeriding days, I stopped pedaling and coasted whenever I could. That was so nice. I didn't stop often, but I am making up for it now. Now I only walk and I stop frequently "to catch my breath in the sunshine" and to (as you suggested) relearn that which I've forgotten.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Ms. Roberta,
I'm trying hard to relearn the things I've left behind just to hold on to the things that are the best parts of everything. :)

Thank you for sharing your coasting memories. I had totally forgotten about that part. :)

Helen said...

Sort of like taking the time to stop and smell the roses. I had a similar urge today and spontaneously requested a personal day later in the week. No real, specific reason. I can hardly wait!

ME Strauss said...

Hi Helen,
What a wonderful idea! A personal for a person to be. I think that's just what personal days were made for. Congratulations on the idea!

dsnake1 said...

Hi Liz!
every working day is a rush, everyone wants to be at the front of the queue.

the only time i slow down is while riding my bike. :)
take a ride to the bike tracks, watch the BMX riders defying gravity, cycle through the trails looking out for squirrels, birds, snakes and wild flowers. it's a great feeling to be able to slow down once a while.

another good post, Liz!

ME Strauss said...

Hello Dsnake,
I so love to picture you riding your bike around in that lovely weather. I'd love to join you! It's a great way to feel the freedom of the sky while still on the ground.