Saturday, May 06, 2006


I used to wonder about folks who could let untruths slide off their tongues while they smiled with false sincerity. What I wondered was how they might face their own image in the mirror at the start and the end of each day, when they were alone with their actions, when only they could see who they were. Now I realize we have a different idea of what a mirror is. Mine reflects back what I see of me. Theirs is something altogether different.
—me strauss Letting me be


Travis Jay Morgan said...

oxReflections are often rippled and distorted by enviromental influences. Like a puddle stepped in, we see our reflection in dirty waves. How well a mirror cast our reflection is based on the lighting conditions and so forth...Most of all, in every reflection we see of ourself, how much of it is influenced by our own minds? Best Regards, Travis

ME Strauss said...

Yes Travis,
How well you speak with metaphor that's not quite a metaphor. I just wonder about those folks who shouldn't be able to face themselves at all. Their imagination amazes me.

Kelley said...

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