Friday, May 19, 2006

Colorful Puzzle

In my mind are the pieces of a multi-dimensional puzzle. Some are two sided. Some are 3-D. Many are feathery, filmy translucent, so light, so free, you can almost see right through them. Each is a bit, a moment of my life, a word, a thought, a look, a touch, a feeling shared with a friend. Time was when I was alive inside each of them. Time was when I knew them well-enough to describe each in detail.
Now they float just beyond my reach in my almost consciousness, like so many pieces of a puzzle waiting for me to put them back together. Every now and then one will show itself and I’ll try to fit it back into the bigger picture. Sometimes I can. Sometimes I cannot. It doesn’t matter.
What matters is that they sit gently on my mind without sadness, touched with shades of joy, peace, occasional longing, and an abounding sense of love.
The grays and browns of my life fade into the past. What has stayed with me is the colorful puzzle.
I’m a lucky girl.
−me strauss Letting me strauss


Michael said...

You always make me *sigh*

Take Care

Melly said...

Aw Liz, you look back with such nostalgia, it's beautiful. But I refuse to do that yet. I'm still a baby! (I wish) I don't want to look back yet and make a puzzle of my life's experiences, I want to add pieces to the puzzle.
Does that make sense?

ME Strauss said...

Hi Michael
Thank your. Your comments are nice to receive.

ME Strauss said...

yeah, Melly that makes total sense. And don't worry, I'm still adding a few more pieces to my puzzle too. :)

Mama Mouse said...

You can't place that final piece until you breathe your final breath. As long as you live you make pieces ... big ones, small ones, fancy, plain, memorable, or not so memorable. I did a piece very recently about life being like a crazy quilt .... VERY similar! :)

Yours is very well said and I really like it.

ME Strauss said...

thank you Mama mouse,
I agree, I have many pieces and bits left to make and find yet. Maybe even a few to paint. . .