Friday, January 27, 2006

The Stars Will Take Me

In a piazza across the world, I sat at a table near the Adriatic. I sipped a cappuccino and thought gentle thoughts. No one knew me. I could be who I wanted. I like the freedom of that. I relaxed and watched blue lights in the concrete shine up to the sky. I still see them, set three feet by three feet apart flush in rows of arcs around a statue. They threw their light up to meet the stars that threw starlight down in a glance.

My hotel was next to me and quiet. The water was soundless, silent. A young priest floated by in a cassock followed by a crowd of children and a dog sniffing out stray food. People were strolling and talking. Some were dining at the al fresco restaurant across the piazza. A mother and child played with a large blue ball, which irritated an old lady when it rolled to her feet under the table in the al fresco restaurant. The child, a boy, went scrambling after it. That’s probably what irritated her most.

Some people were leaving shops that were closing. I wondered about the families or friends that they might or might not be going to meet. They didn’t notice me or my journal, or where I sat sipping my cappuccino. I noticed them, though, and I could tell that they lived near. I felt as if I had fallen into a movie where everyone had a life.

There was music in the air too, but they all missed it. Even the waiter who brought my new cappuccino, who laughed with me in the warm joy of a clear summer night, even he didn’t hear it. It was the music playing from the radio in my dad’s car years ago. It was a song that my friend and I had sung so, so many times. I could see the state park where the car was sitting as clearly as the cranky, old lady in the al fresco restaurant across the piazza.

No matter where in the world I might go, when I need them to, the stars always will take me home.
—me strauss Letting me be


mergrl said...

beautiful my friend (hugs)

mojo shivers said...

Stars just happen to be some of my most favorite things in the world. In fact, I have three of them directly above my bed.

Dawn said...

Thanks for the thoughtful post, Liz. I've been a star gazer for most of my life. One of the highlights of college was working in the planetarium, putting shows together while listening to Cat Stevens playing through the sound system. But I don't remember ever drawing your conclusion - about the stars taking you home. For me, the stars always take me to something more, something bigger, something beyond. Stars have a way of making me believe that the universe is my home

ME Strauss said...

Hello Mergrl,
Thank you for saying so.
This one really happened. Well sort of. (grin)

ME Strauss said...

Hi Patrick,
If you have three stars above your bed, then you must have an easy time finding your way home. I wonder if wise men come to visit you too. :)

ME Strauss said...

Hi Dawn,
It so nice when you come to visit here. It's like our own Dawn every morning. :)

I like how you think of stars too. I like thinking of stars as my home and thinking when someone is away that we're still sharing the same sky full with stars. They connect us in so many ways those points of lights do.

Rain said...

You paint such lovely images, Liz, I have to quiet my mind to read them. Your words are softly spoken with strength in their meaning.

ME Strauss said...

Thank you rain,
Your words in comment are soft and gentle like a summer rain.
I so look forward to your visits.
I appreciate you.

Melly said...

I wanna be in a piazza drinking capuccino too (whine)...

So music and stars, eh?
Can't go wrong with that :)

Sassy said...

Your writings always make me dream. I could get lost in the stars.

ME Strauss said...

Okay Melly,
That works for me.
We'll go there too.
Liz :)

ME Strauss said...

Hi Sassy,
I was thinking about you this morning. How are you doing.
I'm touched that you find my starry writing a place that you might spend time with the stars.

fineartist said...

Groovy Liz.
Next time when I am away from home and family, I will remember to look at the stars more. I’ll let them carry me in comfort and mellow me out. I’ll let them take me back gently to a feeling of contentment.

I think I will look at stars differently now, appreciate them more.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Lori,
I think of that cafe every time I see Van Gogh's Cafe in Arles. I do look at the stars no matter what city I'm in. They make me feel a sense of place, like I'm always at home. I'm glad I could share that feeling with you. Cool.

Trée said...

I do so love the stars too. Thanks for another wonderful post Liz.

ME Strauss said...

Stars and cappuccion by the sea. Sounds like a great evening to me.
Bring the family and meet me there.