Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Song

This post is part of the 7th Poetry Carnival "Music Poetry," being hosted by Garnet in the woods at the top of the hill on Glitter Lane.

The Song

From the silence came the indigo melody
deep vibrations of abounding love
running like the water of life
standing in stillness like the ocean of a soul

Lilting almost imperceptibly
the blue and turquoise harmony
echoes of a kiss blown on the wind
flickering like hope unfounded
daring dreams, dancing on a heart

A hint, a promise of gold in a chord
a kiss of yellow barely heard

From the dream came emerald answering indigo
love and romance melt in pas de deux
dancing tour jetés that set trust free
blending, being subtle melody
like notes that hang and hide within the air

Then a change of time
and a switch in key

Indigo was winding under emerald
a stronger driving beat, demanding
turquoise snapping up and down with the blue
emerald jamming in a new direction
making every player change and move

all following a new-colored cadence
calling, answering, giving, taking
solo, duo
jamming, meshing, moving, dancing,
always true to their tint
and to the beat of the drum

Notes hung in the air again
feelings roared instead of flirting
love and romance turned to games of chance
dark indigo answered emerald back

the pas de deux became the dying swan
then dream and beating drum were gone

The ocean of the soul stood frozen still
like winter in the river of no life
keen sounds of abounding love now lost
shot through the melody, absent of all harmony
indigo tears that washed the song to silence

There were no oranges and reds.
This song was rhythm and blues.

me strauss

Thank you to Dan Weasel of Philosophical Poetry for reminding me how much poetry means to me.

—me strauss Letting me be


mergrl said...

beautiful Liz (hugs)

ME Strauss said...

Thanks mergrl,
It's too bad that emerald and indigo couldn't work things out.

Doug said...

I trust all those colors are in a crayola 64 box.

ME Strauss said...

Oh, Doug,
Of course, they are.

Betty said...

What a daunting task, to use words to describe music. Yet you did it, in a beautifully lyrical, imaginative way. I can hear the song.

ME Strauss said...

Thank you for your enthusiastic response. It means so much to me.

I'm glad you can hear the song. I wonder whether it's the same one I'm hearing. :)

garnet david said...

Everytime I read this I like it better. It's so YOU. Thank you for posting it for all to sing with you.

garnet david said...

Now I remember where I saw it. It was over at Trée's place! (right?)

ME Strauss said...

Thank you Garnet,
I might not have posted it, were it not from the push from you.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Betty,
I answered you.
I wonder why it didn't take?
What lovely things you say and how I appreciate them. i wonder if the song you hear is the one that I hear too.

Trée said...

Beautiful everytime I read it. Garnet has a sharp eye and a good memory.

ME Strauss said...

How good to see you.
It's bee a long day and you're the sunshine in my night.
Thanks for reminding me of our time together.

Jackal said...

'From the silence came the indigo melody
deep vibrations of abounding love
running like the water of life
standing in stillness like the ocean of a soul'


ME Strauss said...

Thank you Jackal,
I appreciate it.
It sounded that way inside my mind. I hope you heard it too.