Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Duet to Proximity

I would venture to say
I’ve spent many nights alone .
Alone feels good sometimes.
allowing aloneness does not.
What part of this insecurity
shows its face?

Where goes the confidence
I own when I am near?

People become my soul.
I become a reflection,
or an invention, of what I see.
Who do I see when
there’s only me?

I can’t call it lonely.
I’ve spent many nights alone.
Alone feels good

—me strauss Letting me be


garnet david said...

Wow, you're getting into some rich vulnerability. This is brave Liz. This is you growing deeper still. You are taking your own pulse. Getting to know your toes! I like this.

I too lose myself in others, I become them, to the loss of my own image. Somtimes I confuse people when I suddenly pull away to re-orient me.

I've often thought that the person I will love the most is the one with whom I can feel completely alone. Do you understand that?

ME Strauss said...

You always make total sense to me. This one is one of my favoires. It seemed like it wanted to be now.

Being separate and alone is as important as being togenterl We need that time to sort.

garnet david said...

And sometimes the balance shifts one way or another for awhile. That's the hard part to explain to some very regular people. I never know how they do it, be on all the time. Maybe they're just faking. I can't fake.

ME Strauss said...

No Garnet.
They/re not faking. They don't have as much sensitivity. That's all. Some people are blesses with more levelness to their lives emotionally. Few of them are musicians.

Doug said...

Liz, I genuinely enjoy alone especially when a braying harpy followed my most recent with.

I think I understand you, though. Alone leaves a lot of time to ask questions and only yourself to answer them.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Doug,
Sometimes I truly enjoy alone--more and more as I grow older and become more reflective writer. But not always . . .


Cheryl said...

Came in here to say something and got thrown by the comments.
If you get completely 'in synch' with someone, a mirror of them, then when you pull away it feels like rejection, to them, like the sands shifted.
Will have to read Garnet now!

ME Strauss said...

You won't be sorry that you started reading Garnet. He's a special one through and through.

Kelley Bell said...

"Getting to know your toes!"

Oooh, I LOVE it!

and Liz...
You ARE growing deeper still.

I can connect, as I have been doing the same: exploring the secret solo side of self, writing it down, and then putting my foot in my mouth!


ME Strauss said...

Hey you two. I suppose I should fess up now. I'm only just sharing who I am.

I wrote this poem in 1982.


Cheryl said...

Well you are doing the same again.
Its good to go back.

ME Strauss said...

Yeah, Cheryl,
There's no place like home is there.

Ned said...

I like the introspection, the defining of alone and lonely, the taking apart of words and the feelings they stand for. It's not easy always to take those innermost speculations and set them out upon the table in front of company. I like. But you know me, I always like a good autopsy. The inside is always the most interesting side. Outsides are only coverings.

ME Strauss said...

Thank you, Ned,
I had no idea it was an autopsy. Here I thought it was an analysis. And all of these people thought it was some sort of poetry. Go figure. How confused we all are!


Ned said...

You know me Liz, I like odd words. Of course it is poetry, exposing poetry.
Maybe it's not an autopsy, just exploratory surgery.

ME Strauss said...

Oh Ned,
I'm sorry. I was smiling when I said that. I liked your choice of words so very much. :)

Bluesky_Liz said...

I agree with this post.

But I like being alone too much. :D I almost have to force myself to go out and socialise and see old friends sometimes.

ME Strauss said...

I am very mich the same way sometimes. I get into my cocoon and I want to stay there where there is no stress or noise that comes from trying to negoiate in the world of other peopls.