Thursday, October 06, 2005

Writing and Love

Writing is like love
. . . in at least one way.

The more I invest in forcing magic to happen,
. . .the more I ensure my goal will elude me.

—me strauss Letting me be


garnet david said...

There's one tiny set of stars I call it the seven sisters. The stars are so close together that you really can't see them if you look right at them, but it you look away a bit, they're there in the perifery of your vision. So it is with writing. Thanks for reminding me of this.

ME Strauss said...

Thank you for reminding me of them as well. How beautiful.

Universal Soldier said...

I beg to differ. Writing releases the real me in just the same way love does. Although it can be just as frustrating at times.

ME Strauss said...

Hi Solidier and welcome,
I don't think what you say is in disagreement. I'm speaking of forcing writing or love, you're talking of how it releases you. To me those seem to be two different things.

Jennifer said...

The 'trying to hard syndrome' as I call it. I like the comparison.

ME Strauss said...

Yeah, Jennifer.
I never thought of it that way, but I guess this would be yet another version of trying too hard.

Thanks for your insights. You make this blog smarter.

Lance said...

I was thinking of the other day of water pressure and writing, for some their writing comes from a source that has great water pressure. Their connection to the source does not need to be secure, even it some of the water leaks out, there is still plenty of pressure. It does not even need to be turned all the way on, the pressure is so high. For others it is not so. The conserve it, they ration it, they maintain it, service it. It never comes naturally it is always challened and forced. Love is a free source of water, it has not concrete banks, it wanders and meanders where it may. Its banks unprejudiced, and in motion. YOu ignore it and it will come to you. If you do not get any love you will be in deficit and parched. You cannot store love, there is no container for it. Even pictures in albums fade and get misplaced. Water evaporates, true love can only be given and then received.

ME Strauss said...

You start by saying I was thinking and you obviously have been. What a beautiful metaphor you have come up with for writing and love.

I often describe good writing as flowing like water. I can certainly see what you're talking about.


Lance said...

Sorry about the typos, from being at work. I will try to clean it up, and perhaps finish the metaphor. I tend to always be thinking Liz, thanks for the spark though.