Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Dear Jada-ESV-cool

Dear Jadacool,

I see from the date here that you haven't posted for two weeks, and from the pictures of a lovely, new house the probable reason why. I write this comment anyway because I know you will get to it eventually. What I have to say is able to wait for your full attention.

Do you remember me? You found my blog sometime around August 12 or 13. You left a comment about whether you could quote "Positive things don't hurt" from my article Preparing for a Negative.

I write today to say I will never forget that request for many reasons. Though it is not usual in the real world for someone to ask whether he or she might quote me, the circumstances in this case were extraordinary indeed.

You see, the day you left your comment, my blog was a mere 21 days old. Comments were rare and even then only from friends or an accidental visitor. My blog was like a newborn baby, doing nothing but fascinating to watch.

Then one morning I discovered you had left this comment for me. I don't even know whether you ever read my reply.

Now it's 46 days since that comment you wrote. Just over 60 days since this blog came to be. Now everyday I wake as part of a community that I care about. I waited two months before starting a blogroll. I wanted to know what my blogroll would mean—what would define it? I didn't want to blogroll indiscriminately. One point became clear and without question—your link would be under the heading "The Letting me be . . . Community," because you are its first member. Others may come and fade away, but you will be remembered.

Jadacool, you were the first person to leave behind a kind word, the first international visitor, and you asked to quote me. That is a whole lot of firsts for one person. I hope you don't mind that in my thoughts I have changed your name and knighted you. To me you are now and will always be:

My friend, Sir Jada EVER SO VERY Cool, the First.


ME-Liz Strauss, at Letting me be . . .

—me strauss Letting me be


Mark said...

I still remember the first comment on my first blog. I guess it's true waht they say, you always remember your first.

It's really cool they you chose to publically honor your first comment. You always think of the coolest things to do and write about.

ME Strauss said...

Hey Mark,
Thanks, You're no slacker yourself you know.

I've just been crazy with work and I don't know what kept making me think of this guy. But I had to do it. I left the comment at his site first. Hope his wife doesn't freak. GRIN

Ned said...

When I first started blogging I didn't let anyone read my blog, then only a few people and no one was allowed to comment.

I guess I just didn't get the point at that stage.

Now, not only is anyone welcome to come see my insanity for themselves, I actually go out of my way to try to lure psychological voyeurs to my blog.

I have to have a sit-down to try to think this all out.

ME Strauss said...

I hate to think that I would have missed out on knowing you. You add so much to the whole experience for me intelligence, great writing, quotations and the complete lexicon of word verification.


mojo shivers said...

I think it's cool you honor your first commenter, Liz. It's been just over a year since I started my site and I've lost track of that first commenter. For, you see, I've been reading blogs since 2000, starting with the indomitable Sammie and Mindy, who unfortunately packed up her blog in 2004. I'd been considering starting a site for years, but when 2004 came around and both of them were still at it four years after I started reading, I knew it was something that I could be good at too.

I may have lost the identification of my first commentator, but I'll never forget the two bloggers who gave me the resolve to start and continue my very own blog.

ME Strauss said...

Hey Mojo,
I always brighten up when you come around. What a grand story. I think I was scoffing at blogs in 2000 as I recall. (blush)

I hope he feels the same way. I left the comment on his site.
I hope to come read you soon. I'm working too hard right now.

Gone Away said...

What a great tribute and how good it is to be reminded of why we blog. In the end, it's the commenters that count.

Thanks for this, Liz.

ME Strauss said...

Thank you Gone,

You have been an inspiration, a help, and a friend to me in so many ways.


Yuna said...

I have waited for about 2 and half months to finally have some comments on most of my posts. Although I lost track of the very first stranger who left a comment on my site. I surely remember the first email from a reader telling me my post has been a great inspiration for her. That just made my day! I still reply to almost all comments now like Liz does.

ME Strauss said...

HI Yuna,
I like to see you here and to let you know that I noticed you came.

I know how quickly the time passes. You have so many comments now to attend to, especially that lady who leave you those silly notes.


Anonymous said...

She remember me?
On a trip to my homecountry Norway (Living in Sweden), on a computercourse with my colleagues from work, find my self a desk with a pc, oh goodie, they have internet! (Have still not got internet in my new house *sigh*). Browse the normal sites, looking at my Blog to read some of my friends slacky but still funny comments. And discover that u have been there! U remember me? U have no idea how proud ur Blog/comment made me. Thx for those words! And i have been knighted, now THATS cool!

Yours Jadacool

ME Strauss said...

Sir Jada!
How nice to hear from you!

I am laughing at your response. Of course I remember you. But then I guess my comment makes that clear.

Thank you so much for returning.
Hope to see you again here.