Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Why I Write

I feel things.

I imagine things.

I wonder about things.

Sometimes I write pure feelings.

Sometimes I write because I feel lonely.

Sometimes I make up stories around what I'm feeling.

Sometimes I write because I want to tell someone something.

Sometimes I write because I need to express what I'm feeling or thinking.

Sometimes I write because I want to find out what I’m thinking or feeling.

—me strauss Letting me be


Cheryl said...

Yup, writing sets me a degree apart from what I feel or think, like having a counsellor refelcting my thoughts, but without the cost.
Very deep.

ME Strauss said...

Thank you for that observation.
Sometimes it's the only way I can get to my thoughts.

garnet said...

yes to all the above about writing. I also write to see how the words giggle and clash, how they bump and cuddle and laugh together, making puddles of meaning in their paths...

nice blog.

ME Strauss said...

What a great comment. I love the music of the language. I wish I had thought to include that.

Thank you, that is so cool.


iamnasra said...

I write to rise
I accepted the falls
Time to go beyond
Writing becomes a therapy of life

ME Strauss said...

And adds to its beauty.

Thank you for your poetry.

michael said...

Sometimes I write because I want to find out what I’m thinking or feeling.

For me, that's really the only reason.
Your fountain pen in the pic?
It's a Waterman Phileas...
I think I actually have one.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Thanks for a great night of reading.

later on,


ME Strauss said...

You are a gift and an inspiration.