Saturday, July 30, 2005

Grace and Humanity by Being

A sweet, young child from Korea, a promising young writer, came to this country when she was 10 years old. Her heart is a soft melody, her soul adding the softer sound of harmony. Yet, she could not express her gifts, for the journey had taken her language from her.

In the 11 or so years before we met, the child learned her new home, her new culture, her new language. She learned to read again and proved to be a beautiful writer in her second language. She became a woman, a college graduate. Today she works in design, always weaving her quiet song into a thoughtful shape, a softly-focused rain photo, a breeze of color, or her own gentle laughter.

If a person could be a sunlit, soulful mist, she is one--quiet in her manner, refreshing in her grace. The air around her is cleaner, clearer in her presence and opens up to make room for her out of respect. So few can carry strength so lightly and beauty with such strong hands. I wonder how one so young, in turn, could be so wise. It makes me stop--holding my breath--feeling and knowing that all we talk about is deeply understood and appreciated.

My journal says: I will write about her one day because the world should get to know her. Of course, they will not see all there is to see, but neither she nor I will care.

We walk this world so very different from each other, yet so very much the same. It makes me wonder where we met before. Why didn't I recognize her until this juncture? Maybe we fought a war together, as now we are seeking our place. We each look for a way to reconcile what we know with what we see, and what we see with what we are told.

They say that some children never grow up. With my heart I do hope that she, now a woman, is one. She reflects grace and humanity by being. Moonhee.
—me strauss Letting me be

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